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Projekty 2018/19

Global education week 2018 -Týždeň globálneho vzdelávania 2018

Global Education Week 2018
The 20th edition of the Global Education Week, facilitated by the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe will be held from the 19th to the 25th of November, under the theme

“The World is changing, what about us”

All schools and Youth organisations, as well as any other interested constituencies in the Council of Europe’s member States, are invited to take part in the event. School links and networking with partners in the South are vividly encouraged. Global Education Week invites students, educators and youth groups to implement a global education awareness-raising project. Projects can be sent to the North-South Centre to be posted on the Centre’s web-site during Global Education Week in order to encourage networking and the sharing of experiences. These projects can, of course, be sent all year round, as the web page is updated regularly.
These projects should address issues of diversity and inequality at a local as well as at global level, using the Sustainable Development Goals as a guiding principle, and involve the understanding of the core issues of global citizenship:
                                                        awareness of the wider world and of our own role as a world citizens;
                                                              attitudes of respect for diversity and intercultural communication skills;
                                                                                  ability to take action to make the world a more equitable and sustainable place;             responsibility for our own actions.
Should you want to share an activity or experience do not hesitate to contact us and/or your Global Education Week national contact through the NSC specific Global Education webpage or FB page
On the Global Education Week web-page you will find

 Suggestions for school and classroom activities
                      Access to Global Education Week network National Contacts
                                                                 Useful global education related links (
educational networks, pedagogical resources, newsletters)
For any additional queries, please
or your national coordinator
hashtags #GlobalEducationWeek ; #GEW18
tag @GlobalEducationNetworkers

Koordinátorka projektu: Mgr. Mária Juristová